Jaunā Gaita nr. 71, 1968


The Baltic cause has many sympathizers among the Irish who still vividly remember their long-year struggle for independence and freedom. An eloquent expression of this solidarity is a poem by the Irish poet, Cionaith Bale, published in the magazine Deirdre (vol. XXIV, No. 1, Spring 1967):




I read the names in a geography book –
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
And pleased was I to see the small expanses coloured on the map
Between their
narrow frontiers.

I thought about the people of these lands
To pass away the time from day to day,
A gentle, tranquil people they must be
Peaceful fold of the
sandy hills
Like the men of my own country.
How clear I
saw the cornfields and the woods,
The cosy
little towns,
The spires of the churches,
The walls of the
There I warmed my heart.

The dream’s entirely ended now.
Neither Estonia nor Latvia nor Lithuania are
there any more.
I myself am growing old.
Strange to me is the map of Europe
And it makes me lonely to survey it.



Jaunā Gaita