Jaunā Gaita nr. 312. pavasaris 2023







Jaunā Gaita will no longer be printed and mailed to subscribers. In future our magazine will be e-mailed in printable PDF format free of charge to anyone who requests it. It will also be available for downloading from our website <jaunagaita.net>. The contents of the magazine will be available there for onscreen perusal in HTM format as well.



This issue contains selections of recent poetry from six authors: Arturs Uškāns, Dainis Deigelis, Eva Mārtuža, Rinalds Einiks, Valters Liberts and Māra Ulme; and three selections of prose by Dāvids Rubens, Maija Streiča and Evita Hofmane.


Publicist Ainārs Zelčs contributes a study of the history of suppression of the Latvian language during the Soviet occupation of Latvia, and journalist Kārlis Streips reports on the still ongoing attempts by the government of free Latvia to undo the damage done.

V I S U A L   A R T

Ginta Gerharde-Upeniece of the Latvian National Museum of Art describes an exhibit she curated of the work of painter and art historian Imants Lancmanis. He was the director of Rundāle Palace Museum from 1976 until 2019. Color reproductions of his art are displayed throughout, as well as on the cover.

A B O U T   B O O K S

Ingus Barovskis reviews a book of poetry by JG literature editor Sandra Ratniece, Pastkastīte nenosūtītām vēstulēm (Mailbox for Unsent Letters);
Kristīne Ilziņa reviews a novel by Ilze Graudiņa, Šeit nav nekāda bēdu leja (This Is No Vale of Sorrow);
Lāsma Gaitniece – Valdis Rūmnieks’ biographical novel Sudrabiņš, about Jānis Sudrabkalns (1894-1975), a Latvian poet and writer; and
Sanita Dāboliņa – a volume of poetry by Inta Kampara, Svilpaunieces (Ocarina Players).

B R I E F L Y   N O T E D

JG art editor Linda Treija reports on some of the interesting events in the world of Latvian culture that have taken place since our last issue.


I N   M E M O R I A M

Lelde Gilmane writes about the career of Gvīdo Augusts (1932-2022), a multimedia artist, teacher and publicist who lived on the West Coast of the United States. Poet Maija Meirāne shares an article she wrote in 1980, describing a lecture given in Boston MA by Augusts on the depiction of women in Latvian art.


Jaunā Gaita