Skolas Ziņas

2000. g. pavasarī


Katrīna Veidiņš:    S k o l o t ā j a !

"B" un "A" Klases pārdomas par vēsturi


The Contents in Brief

Einārs Odinecs of "A" grade contributes a graphic rendering of Vilis' Plūdonis poem "To Live For You, Latvia!"

Last year's graduate Katrīna Veidiņš is this year's "D" grade teacher. She contributes her comments, as candid as we have all come to expect from her, on the challenges and rewards of the job: "Soon I will have to make a difficult decision. Will I come again next year? /.../ It seems to me that I am not ready to leave this school. For ten years I came here every Saturday, and then BAM! - not to come at all?"

"B" and "A" grades contribute their thoughts on history as a topic of study.

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